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Purchasing a flight ticket is possible as soon as possible and completely online. Online air travel bookings allow you to compare the best airline ticket prices at different airlines and experience online shopping for plane tickets by paying through accelerator cards and booking foreign flight tickets as soon as possible. Buy tickets for Iran Air, Mahan Airlines and other Iranian airlines as well as foreign airlines such as Emirates, Turkey, Lufthansa, British Airways, Air France, KLM, Al-Ittihad, Atlas Global, Azerbaijan Airlines, Fly Dubai, Austria Airlines, Air France, Qatar Airways, Kuwait Airways, Pegasus Airlines, Azerbaijan Airlines, Ukraine International, Alitalia, Malaysia Airlines, Oman Air, Jun Air, Abrigen, China Saturn, Austria, Thai Airways, Turkey, Bota Airways and many other airlines It is possible to pay Rials through Shetab cards at the cheapest price possible.
On the plane, you can buy tickets for domestic flights of foreign countries around the world, no more than 900 airlines without any worries, and make your payment even from outside Iran, with an acceleration card.

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